Where do I Sign In or Log In as an Admin or a Dispatch manager?

Hey there, Admins and Dispatch Managers! You've been chosen by your company to work some magic with route plans in Upper Route Planner. Let's get you signed in! 💼

Remember: Admins and Dispatch Managers can only access their accounts on the web version of Upper Route Planner.

Head over to https://crew.upperinc.com and choose the right sign-in method for your role:

For Primary Admins (the top dog, aka Owner account):

  1. Log in with Google OR
  2. Log in with Email and Password

For Additional Admins and Dispatch Managers:

  • Use the Email and Password provided by your Primary Admin (Owner account)

Having trouble finding the email from your Owner account? No worries! Just give your Primary Admin a friendly nudge for access.

⚠️ Note: "Log in with Google" is reserved for the primary owner/Admin of the account. Also, it's important to know that drivers can't log in to the Driver app using "Log in with Google."

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