What are the recommended hardware and software requirements?

Great question! Upper Route Planner consists of two parts: a web version for Admins and Dispatch Managers and an app-based version for Drivers. Let's break down the requirements for each:

Upper Web for Admins and Dispatch Managers

  • Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple's Safari, and Opera (we recommend keeping them updated to the latest versions).
  • Top Pick: Google Chrome
  • Internet Connection: Minimum 5 Mbps speed
  • Supported Hardware: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets (including iPads), etc. (keep them updated to the latest versions)
  • Minimum Software Requirements: Windows, macOS, iPad OS, and iOS (again, recommended to be updated to the latest versions)

Upper App for Drivers

  • Supported iOS and iPad OS Devices: iPhone 7 and later; iPad Mini (6th Generation) and later
  • Supported iOS and iPad OS Versions: Latest versions supported by the above devices
  • Supported Android Devices and OS: Android versions 5.0 and later (Recommended Android 10 and up)

⚠️ For Android devices, it's recommended to have the latest version of the OS and at least a mid-tier phone.

Remember, if you need any assistance or have questions, feel free to reach out through our "Contact Us" form. We're always here to help!

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