How to add a user or a driver?

How to Add a New Driver or a User Profile?

To add a new Driver or User profile, open the "Users/Drivers" tab by adding a driver or assigning a role to the user.

Here is a video to understand the process in detail.

  • Click on Users/Driver from the left menu

  • Find the "Add Users" button in the top right corner.

    • Add the necessary details by following the steps from the below image.

    • Once you finish, click the "Save" button.

  • Can I change the email IDs of the Drivers and Users? My drivers keep changing every week, and I need to change the email IDs frequently.

    Upper Route Planner considers your and your user's email IDs as unique identifiers, which means you cannot change or update the email ID.

    Tip: If you have entered the email ID incorrectly in the first place, please reach out to us, and we can sort it out for you.

  • What are the different types of profiles available?

    The Upper Route Planner software has three main profiles (4 if we count the Account Owner, who is also an Admin).

    • Admin (All Accesses)
    • Dispatch Manager (No billing accesses, Cannot add drivers)
    • Driver (Access to only the driver app)

      Users must be at least one and can be all three profiles if needed.

The Owner Admin always remains an Admin, and you can assign them as a Driver and a Dispatch Manager.

Admins and Dispatch Managers can log in to the web version. As a driver, you must log in to the Upper for Driver app.

  • Permissions and Levels for Each User

    Each user has a specific set of permissions by default. The Admin and the Dispatch manager have almost all the permissions. The billing section is only available for the Owner Admin profile.

    On the other hand, the Driver profile has several permissions out of the box by default. However, these permissions only apply to the Upper for Driver app, and each permission can only be controlled by the Admin and the Dispatch Manager profiles.

  • What are the permissions for Drivers and how to manage these permissions? Driver App Config

    The Admins and Dispatch managers are the users who can manage and change permissions a Driver has for their Upper for Driver app.

    To see what permissions and settings can be managed by the Admins and Dispatch Managers for the Upper for Driver app, please see the video below:

Access to features like :-

  • Creating, Editing, Deleting Routes

  • Adding, Editing, Deleting Stops

  • Stop Logs

  • Parcel Info

  • User Settings like Start and End Schedule and Proof of Delivery

  • Optimization Settings

  • Navigation Settings

What is "Logout from all devices"? And why do I need it?

One driver can use the Upper for Driver app at a time. So if you have one driver profile and want to use it to log in on any other phone or device, you must first log out of your current device.

If the first device does not log out, you cannot log in to the second device.

To prevent data loss, the Upper route planner does not log out of the first device automatically if you log in to the second.

If your driver forgot to log out of his device, then you, as an Admin or Dispatch Manager, can log them out of all the devices simultaneously. This allows you or other drivers to log in to the same driver account from another device.

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