How to use Contacts to create a Route Plan?

Creating a route plan using contacts is easy and fastest if your business can use the Contacts function. Let's explore how you can create a route plan using Contacts.

The above video shows you how to create a route plan using the contacts. It also discusses the different scenarios and options you might want to explore further specific to your business.

What you can learn:

  1. Use contacts to create a route plan or to add addresses from your contacts to an existing route plan.
  2. Keep a track of visits. Keep track of how often you visited a specific address, the notes, signatures, images/pictures, etc.
  3. See all contacts laid on a map view. Select the contacts and check their place on the map for a better vantage point.

How to add and import contacts?

Contacts can be beneficial and make creating route plans faster than even importing a file. Companies with repeat orders to the same address with minimal changes in the contact information can use contacts. For example, you are a meal delivery company, and you have 15 addresses you need to deliver to on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, and you have an address with the same customer information each time. In this case, you import all your 15 addresses with the corresponding Information into the Contacts. From Contacts, you can select multiple addresses and create a route.

Please watch the video to learn more about how to add and import your Contacts.

📝 On the Driver app, these contacts will auto-sync, and the app cannot access your contacts that are stored locally on the phones.

⚠️ Make sure the file is in as simple formatting as possible. Too many formatting components, formulas, multiple sheets in one excel file, etc. will cause issues when importing and simply may not import any data.

What are Favourite and Recent Contacts? How to Delete and Edit them?

Favourite Contacts: Contacts can be marked as favourites so you can have all your favourites (or most used) in one place.

Recent Addresses - These are all the addresses you have ever added manually or imported when creating a route plan (Import Contacts is a different function)

📝 Recent Addresses will not save/import any information about the customer, they are raw addresses that the system stores for your future reference

How to Edit a Contact?

Go to the contact you want to edit, click on the three dots on the right, and click "Edit Contact."

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