How to add parcel information to each stop?

How to add parcel information to each stop?

The Parcel info feature is useful for businesses that want to ensure the driver knows where the parcel is kept in the vehicle and what it looks like.

On the Parcel Info screen, you have the ability to configure or modify the specifics of a parcel such as its location within the vehicle, the quantity of parcels, and the option to upload parcel images for the convenience of the driver as shown in below screenshot.

Please see the video below to learn more about Parcel Info and how it works.

How to toggle the parcel info function on or off?

If you are unsure what, Parcel information is, please visit this article to learn more. The parcel information will be off by default since it is a niche feature that not all businesses use.

  • To toggle on (or off),
  • Go to the bottom left to pull out the menu.
  • Go to Settings
  • Toggle the on/off button for "Parcel Info Options."

📝 This feature is only available on the Growth Plan and above. Not available on Essential Plan

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