How to use the Route Plans Page?

The Route Plan page is your playground where all the work happens. You create a route plan and manage existing and completed route plans on this page.

Please see a quick video tour to use the Route Plans page.

About Route Plans Page

The Route Plans section has four main components;

  • My Route Plans
  • Completed Route Plans
  • Favourite Route Plans
  • Archived

See a quick video to learn more about each of them.

The different route plan statuses - Draft, Ready to Dispatch, In transit, Complete | Can I edit In Transit Route? Completed or Skipped Stops

There are four statuses available for the Admins and Dispatch Managers;

  • Draft
  • Ready to Dispatch
  • In Transit (See Proof of Delivery)
  • Complete

To know more about each status, please watch the video.

You CAN NOT edit In Transit and Completed Routes, but you can duplicate every route plan regardless of its status.

Tip: You can ask your driver to add a stop to an In Transit Route plan

How to Duplicate an existing route plan?

You can duplicate any route, draft, in transit, or completed. Learn more on how to do that in the video below:

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