How do I edit a Route Plan?

You can edit a Route Plan and its details like name, date and other settings.

📝 As an Admin or Dispatch Manager, you cannot edit a route plan if it is In Transit or Completed. You can ask the driver to do so locally on his phone app. Scroll down to see how.

Let's take a quick look at how to make the changes:

How to add, edit or delete a stop after optimization?

Once you have optimized a route plan, you can still make some last-minute changes. You can Add, Edit or Delete a stop after the optimization. Let me show you how you can do this in a video tutorial.

This is only possible when the route plan is not in In Transit or Completed status.

How to edit a route that is In Transit? Add a stop to an In Transit route plan?

As an Admin or a Dispatch Manager, you cannot add, delete or edit a stop once the driver has started the route and is In Transit.

You can ask the driver to add a new stop when In Transit. Make sure you have given all the necessary permissions to the driver app.

How to ask the driver to add a new address/stop to an In Transit route?

As an Admin and a Dispatch Manager, before you can tell the driver to add a stop to an ongoing In Transit route, you must ensure the driver(s) have the necessary permissions for their app access.

Once your driver has the permissions, please show the driver how to add the stops to an ongoing stop. To learn more, watch the video:

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