How to export the optimized route to an Excel or a CSV file and Print a PDF manifest of the route plan?

There are many ways and checkpoints where you can download, export or print an optimized route plan assigned to each driver. One way is to use the export and print feature on the "Review & Share Route" page.

Print or Save Route as a PDF file - Manifest 2.0

Please see a quick video tutorial for printing the route plan:

Export CSV, Excel or GPX

To Export a CSV, an Excel file, or a GPX file, please click the export button as shown in the above screenshot.

Export CSV or Excel file

For CSV and Excel, please select the "Export Route" radio button, as shown below:

Click export and select the options shown below:

Export GPX File

Select the Radio button with "Export to GPX"

FACT: A GPX file is formatted specifically to be used/uploaded into your GPS devices like Garmin SatNavs in your vehicles. This file allows you to import the route stop by stop in your SatNav system. Not all systems are compatible though. Make sure to check it beforehand.

Once the radio button is selected, click on the "Export" button and you should get the next prompt from your system.

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