How to Inactivate, Delete or Add a driver to my active subscription?

When you sign up for an Essential, Growth or Enterprise subscription, your account is assigned the number of active licences you purchase under your subscription. If you inactivated or deleted a licensed driver, your licence count remains the same for that billing cycle. You can delete and add another driver profile using up the licence.

However, if you do not add a new driver profile to the account, replacing the deleted profile, your subscription will auto-adjust on the next renewal. It will only renew for the number of active driver profiles.

You can add more drivers in the middle of your subscription cycle, and for each driver added, you would be charged prorated charges.

Note: All the added drivers will automatically be applied to the base purchase plan.

Watch a quick video on how to add a new driver.

Note: Confirm that the email ID is correct. You will not be able to change the email ID once the profile is created. Email ID is required to sign in to the Driver app.

⚠️ If you want to add a new drive to replace an existing driver, please make sure you delete or inactivate the old driver profile before adding a new one.

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