How to start an assigned route to the driver?

As a driver, you have your routes assigned to your account. When you log in to the Upper for Driver app, you will see a full schedule of all the routes assigned to you.

The Driver can start each route by clicking on the route and clicking the "Start Route" button once the route is open.

To learn more, please watch a video on how to use the Upper for Driver app to complete a Route assigned to you and to see how you can:

  • Complete a stop with Proof of Delivery
  • Skip a stop
  • Go Here: Function allows you to go to any stop on the list out of the optimized order and re-optimize the entire route according to the stop you are going to.

⚠️ Upper for Driver app is not a fully offline app. You will need an internet connection for most of the functions to work. Features like Proof of Delivery will work offline. Recommended use is with an active internet connection.

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