Driver app - How to create a Route, Add Stops and Add Stops using a location picker?

Sign In to your Upper for Driver app on your phone.

Click the "+" button on the bottom right corner.

Click "Add a Stop" to manually add the stops. To import, you need to log in to the admin account on the web version of Upper Route Planner.

Start typing the address, and select the correct address from the list.

Please check out the video on how to create a route plan or follow the steps below:

You can add more information to each address or click the back button in the top left corner.

You can use the pin location picker tool

You can use the pin location picker tool in the Upper for Driver app to add a stop with no address in the middle of nowhere. See the below image.

You can edit, delete, duplicate or Export the route assigned to you.

See the screenshot below:

If your admin or dispatch manager asks you to add a new address/stop to an ongoing/in transit route, please follow the steps above.

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