What are the types of Reports, and how to download each of the Reports? Analytics

The Analytics section of the Upper Route Planner gives you a comprehensive overview of reports with various combinations. There are three types of reports you can export:

  • Route Plan Summary Report
  • Route Plan Detailed Report
  • Route Plan Detailed Report (PDF)

Route Plan Summary Report

This report will give you an overview of route plans planned and executed in your desired date range. Please watch the video to know more:

Route Plan Detailed Report

In this report, you can view each route with in-depth information for each planned, delivered or missed stop. This report will also give you the images, signatures, and notes collected as proof of delivery for each address. See the video to learn more:

Route Plan Detailed Report (PDF)

It is almost the same report as Route Plan Detailed Report but in a PDF version which is easier to print. Watch a quick video on how to view the report.

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