How to use Driver Live Tracking?

NOTE: The Driver live Tracking is in the Beta Testing phase. If you are a part of the Beta Test group, please let us know of any bugs or irregularities you might come across.

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Requirements for Live Tracking to work:

  1. All drivers must use the
  2. Upper for Driver app must be on the latest version
  3. All necessary permissions for using on-device GPS, Internet, etc., must be given on the Driver app
  4. The Admin/Dispatch Manager must have enabled the "Live Tracking" option from the web admin (Enabled by default)

Enabling the Live Tracking

Click on the bottom left corner of the menu and click on the "Driver App Config" option.

Then, go to the Navigation Setting and check the "Enable Live Location" box.

Live Tracking the Drivers

NOTE: You can actively track the driver if the route is "in transit." If the route is completed or not yet started by the driver, the liver tracking will not work. This is to ensure driver privacy and the conservation of driver mobile devices.

  • Go to the "Analytics" Screen from the left menu.
  • Select the "Driver Live Tracking" tab

  • Select a route plan that is "In Transit."

    In Transit - Route Plan
  • Locate the driver's current location on the map and see more details, as shown in the screenshot below

Breaking down the above screenshot:

  • Current live location of the driver
  • The current speed of the driver

  • Type of Vehicle (🚘 Car)
  • Current Status (On The Way)
  • More info about the upcoming stops ("i")
  • Average Speed of the driver

  • Stop Status (In this image = Successfully Completed )
  • Planned Route (Dark black line)

  • Compare the planned (optimized) vs actual route taken by the driver.
  • Shown in Solid vs Dotted lines
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