How does the Customer Notification work?

The Upper Route Planner has a simple yet powerful customer delivery notification system. There are two ways you can send notifications; Text Messages (SMS) and Email Notifications.

Each of the two ways has three types of notification messages:

  • Out For Delivery
  • After Delivery
  • Missed Delivery

To see how the Delivery Notifications work, watch a complete explainer video below or see where and how to edit the customer notifications.

Out for Delivery Notification

After Delivery or Missed Delivery Notifications

The above screenshots give you an idea of how the Customer Notifications are triggered. Please watch the video to see it in action. Also, there are some samples of the text message.

Example of the text message notification received

Sample Text Messages

How to send the Proof of Delivery, a picture or signature and a note to the customer after the delivery?

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