How to register or Sign Up for Upper Route Planner?

Ready to join the Upper Route Planner family? Here's how!

Option 1: Email Sign Up (recommended for company accounts)

  1. Hop on over to 🚀
  2. Share your name, email ID, create a snazzy new password, and don't forget your phone number.
  3. Prove you're not a 🤖 (we love humans!)
  4. Voilà, you're in!

Fun fact: By using your company email ID, you can keep everything neat and tidy - subscriptions, invoicing, and more - all in one place!

Option 2: Sign Up with Google (great for personal accounts)

  1. Visit 🌐
  2. Click on that shiny "Sign Up with Google" button.
  3. Pick the Google account you'd like to connect.
  4. Done and dusted! 🎉

⚠️ Heads up: If you're planning to be a superstar driver using the Android or iOS app, stick with the Email Sign Up option.

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