As an Admin, how to log your drivers out from their driver app? Log out from all devices

Already logged in with another device? Log out from all devices

Only one driver can use the Upper for Driver app at a time. If you have a driver profile and wish to log in on a different phone or device, you must first log out of your current device.

If you don't log out of the first device, you won't be able to log in on the second device and will receive an error message stating, "Already logged in with another device."

To ensure data integrity, the Upper route planner does not automatically log out of the first device when logging in on a second device.

If a driver forgets to log out of their device, you, as an Admin or Dispatch Manager, can log them out of all devices simultaneously. This allows you or other drivers to log in to the same driver account from a different device.

Please click the button and follow the steps provided in the video tutorial below for further assistance:

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