After optimization, you have reached the end of planning the routes, and now it's time to dispatch the respective routes assigned to the drivers. You can share/dispatch the route to the driver's phones immediately or with a scheduled delay.

For example, your driver starts at 8:00 AM tomorrow, and you have already planned the route the day before. You can set the system to send the route to the driver's phone at one or two or a specific time before 8:00 AM tomorrow.

πŸ“ You can change the route plan, like adding or deleting a stop, even after you have dispatched the route unless the driver has started the route.

Please watch a quick video tutorial to see how you can dispatch the route.

Please ask your drivers to download the apps before sharing the route with them.

πŸ“ You can also share the route using the "Share URL" function where the drivers do not need an app.

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